Retro Vs Modern

Hi IFC! Infinite flight has Retro liveries ,chrome and modern liveries and i want to compare them retro to modern!

1.retro SAS livery

2.2019 SAS livery

3.landor livery 1984-1997

4.modern british airways livery

5.american airlines astrojet livery(retro)

6.2013 american airlines livery

7.southwest desert gold(retro)

8.2014 southwest heart

9.infinite flight retro livery

10.infinite flight livery 2020

   I hope you like it😊😊

This is my favorite MD-11 (pax) always!

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Great pictures πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

This is the old American and my favorite

The Luxury Liner


I can see the appeal of retro liveries like the American Airlines retro jet, however in my opinion the SAS example perfectly illustrates how modern design can make a great livery a lot better!