Retro Time | Munich, March 06, 2019

Welcome back to my third spotting topic of 2019!

Back on Monday, British Airways presented its second of four retro liveries, this time the BEA livery on an A319. Yesterday, they announced today’s schedule for the plane bringing it to Munich for the first time. What else would I do than going to the airport as my lunch beak to take some pictures?

As with every spotting session there are always other planes you catch while waiting for your main target. The first plane to drive past was this SAS A320.

More than one year ago, Lufthansa introduced it’s new livery. Nevertheless, the majority of the fleet still wears the old (yellow!) colors, so is D-AIUY, a 2 year old A320.

Another old livery, yet not the same is worn by D-ACNK “Merseburg”. This ex-Eurowings CRJ900 is one of aprox. 20 planes in the Lufthansa Regional Livery. Just as the “normal” Lufthansa livery, this one will be replaced by the new liveries someday between today and 2026, when the rebranding is planned to be completed.

Not necessarily a rare, but a hard-to-catch guest can be seen departing here. This Braunschweig based Beech King is used for the calibration and check of the ILS and Navigation equipment. For the last two nights, this plane was once again active flying patterns around Munich. With the work done, it took off for it’s home base, for once not in the dark.

Captain Joe inbound? With slots becoming a rare good, small turboprop planes like the Dash 8 are becoming a rare sight at Munich. Maybe this one arriving from Luxemburg is bringing Captain Joe back home from work at CargoLux?

Look who’s inbound from the English Channel @AdamCallow! Just like many other private jets this arrival is registered on the Isle of Man. Wonder when it was there for the last time…(or if it has ever been there at all)

Back in fall, I already showed you pics of the same airline arriving in Munich for the first time. With days becoming longer again since winter is coming to an end and the flight still arriving an hour ahead of schedule regularly, I was now able to get a picture of this Avianca 787 Dreamliner during daylight in front of the Freising cathedral.

So now let’s finally get to the plane you’ve been waiting for. Only two days old, this new livery arrived in Bavaria for the first time. Celebrating 100 years of British Airways (or rather commercial aviation in the UK), this beautiful bird can be seen slowing down…
…and taxiing by really close on her first trip to Germany. Boy, I really need to get to London to catch all these beautiful retro jets BA plans to operate…

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TLDR service for @dush19: There were a few planes at Munich I took pics of in my lunch break


You always impress us Moritz! Amazing photos!


Thanks Dylan! Always enjoy creating these topics (and even more taking the pictures 😉)

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Awesome shots! What lens do you use?

Also where is that King Air’s front gear


The exact thing I needed after a long day!

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I used the Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 IS II USM for all shots but the taxiing BEA, for that I used another 18-135mm Canon lens.

About the nose gear: I have no clue 😂 Didn’t even notice it wasn’t there before you asked, I assume it was already retracted by the time i took the picture

The real question is did you wave at the pilots?


Moritz… your photos are so amazing. Thanks for gracing my eyes with these beautiful shots! :)

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Stunning photos, Moritz!

Nice to see some interesting and different aircraft to refresh my mind from school. 😂


We just need a #moritz:spotting category at this point.

Nice photos as always, Moritz. :)


Another Great Spotting Session! 😍 You never cease to amaze us on the IFC, Moritz. 👍😉

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Nah, I haven’t grown a third arm so far so I guess I’ll have to stick to just taking pics for the time being 😂

Thanks for the great feedback guys, nice to see you enjoy these pics as much as I do 👍🏼


Oh that’s familiar! :)
Greetings from Braunschweig!

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These are seriously good! I do love the retro BA liveries!

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I actually learned the plane only departed for another calibration flight, never seen these during daylight before. Greetings from the south 👋🏼

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Woah. Definitely some of the best pics I’ve seen around the IFC! Keep it up!

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Next spotting trip is already planned, let’s hope weather allows 👀


There is no spotting session from Moritz that are below a rating Infinite Times out of 10. Splendid Photos. I really got hooked from the begging of the thread after seeing SAS, haha 😍

But it kept getting better with Lufthansa, Avianca and lastly BAW Reto Livery 💖

Keep doing what you do, Love all of the pictures!


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