Retro Throwback! (Group Flights)

Inspired by TV broadcasters who have been airing retro events, I decided why not have a retro throwback of my own! Here are some old shots I have in store for you lot! If you’ve been playing IF for a long time then you may recognize some pre-global shots ;)

Route: Future - Past
Server: Retro
Flight Time: 2014 - 2019


Never gets old Pre Global shots, always love taking a trip down memory lane. Great shots as always mate.

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Spot on with those words! Thanks a lot!

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Seeing some of those shots made me want to cry. Infinite Flight has advanced so much, from adding the 777-200LR, to the 787, and then onto global. As @Qantas094 said, it’s always great to take a stroll down memory lane. This progression wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work of the devs, and Infinite Flight is only going to get better from here.


Bang on the money there mate! We all have our own memories from the pre-global era and I must say I do miss it at times :(

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