Retro Philippine Airlines 747-200

N743PR - Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-200 (Retro)


This is the old Queen of the Skies, flown by Philippine Airlines. Having the older livery for this would definitely add to the retro category of Infinite Flight and help bring a larger assortment of old liveries to the game. Because PAL had retired both the -200 and -400 variants, let’s continue the legacy of this aircraft.

Philippine Airlines had operated a total of 20 of these beauties and retired the -200 fleet in 2000 and later retired their 747s entirely in 2014 in exchange for the Boeing 777. This addition would make the Filipino community happy and increase the old-time section of airlines/aircraft.

I’d love for this to get added someday, so the support from you and the community is appreciated!

Experience the Heart of the Filipino

This is actually a really cool livery

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This is soo Vintage and classic! if we will have this on IF!

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Voted for sure! What a beaut! 🤩

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