Retro Liveries

I’m not suggesting specific liveries but i think it would be nice to have a couple of these in the game especially on ones they are re-working. looking here their appears to be some already suggested such as Finnair A319 and Qantas B738.

Let me know your thoughts on this

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Hello Matt! Welcome to the forum. You must be T2 to be posting in features! Spend some time and look at posts!

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I am TL2 i have been for about 4 months @Furtive_masstwofourf

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Please post general since it doesn’t fit in features.

My mistake Matt. No need to tag me. I see everything ;)

I always do that :) Whenever I see a feature post that’s in general I automatically assume it’s someone who’s TL1.

Opened as a discussion on retro liveries.

There is already one for it though.

Where would that be?

Oh I see now.


Just search for retro liveries and participate in one of those. As said above, there are a couple.