“Retro” Infinite Flight livery on the 757

Just like on the MD11 a older aircraft we have a older looking Infinite Flight Livery for that. And the 757 is a old aircraft just like the previously stated MD11. So I think a Retro Infinite Flight livery is better suited for the 757-200.

Retro Infinite Flight Livery on the MD11

Fun Fact: I made this while me cat was laying on my arm.

That would be cool, I don’t see anyone flying it though. Half the liveries on the 757 as of now aren’t being used at all.


Thanks for the vote! I actually fly the infinite flight 757 livery a lot because I’m doing a world tour.

Why? Which ones?

No I didn’t mean the infinite flight livery, I meant stuff like EC airlines and Sunday airlines (and many others).

What if someone tried to make one for this thread and we would see what it could possibly look like.

Brilliant idea though. I will be very happy if this is added in the future

Here’s one I made:



WOW that looks really good. I hope it gets on to the sim replacing the 2020 livery

That fun fact about your cat makes me want to vote for this even more, but I’ll have to see which vote I’ll have to remove…

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I would def vote if this was the retro livery. @Airnico_9962_on_YT maybe you should consider this as the pic for the request. I also hope they make it without winglets if it did happen for the extra-retro look.


Yea it’s suppppper nice and more retro without winglets. What if even they made it with the old analog cockpit.

LOL thanks for trying to clear up a vote I really want this in the sim

Thought I’d bump my own topic lol