Retro Flight on the DC-10 | KEWR-LEMD

Hello Infinite Flight Community! I wanted to share pics from a flight I recently recreated on a Continental Airlines DC-10. I’m a huge fan of the DC-10 and all things McDonnell Douglas so you’ll often see me flying this plane on the Expert server, don’t hesitate to tag me in Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 6 if you do see me!
I like doing flights in a retro style, which means that this flight would be just as it would have been in the 1990s when CO flew their DC-10s to Madrid. That means that some newer airplanes and airport terminals would be cut out of the images. I tried being as realistic as possible and I hope you do enjoy these photos as this is my first every community post! And as always, feedback would be very much appreciated. Without further ado, here are the flight details:

Flight: CO62
From: Newark Liberty Intl. Airport (KEWR)
To: Madrid Barajas Airport (LEMD)
Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Flight Time: 7h15min
Departure/Arrival Time: 8:15PM/9:15AM
Server: Expert
Event: KEWR Featured Airport
Date: January 2nd, 2024

At the gate in KEWR (I tried editing the photos to make it seem darker than usual because IF doesn’t really have good night visual effects, so sorry if the photo is excessively dark)

Pushing back and ready to taxi!

Takeoff from Runway 04L, overlooking Terminal B.

Cruising into the pitch-black darkness of the Atlantic. It’ll be a few more hours until the sun rises!

When I returned to the simulator the sun had already begun rising as we approach the northern coast of Spain.

Finally making landfall over the city of Gijón after roughly 6h30min of flight time.

A nice wing view over the northern mountains of Spain as we begin our descent into Madrid.

On final approach into runway 32L at Madrid Barajas. One thing that I love about the DC-10 is the massive size of its wing!

Touching down slightly off-centerline in Madrid at 9:13am local. Notice the absence of Terminals 4 and 4S as they did not exist at the time.

Coming to a rest at a remote stand, which CO sometimes used at Madrid.

Thank you for looking at my first ever pictures! Feedback of any kind would be appreciated as well as a kind comment if you enjoyed these pictures. I’ve been hard at work on publishing an airport guide to MROC, my country’s main airport, which will be out once I reach TL2, which I hope you will equally enjoy. Until then expect a few more posts and please tell me if you enjoyed these retro-style pictures and would like more. Thank you and have a great day!