Retro American Airlines 757 Livery

Hello fellow IFC community,

Since the proposal of thew new 20.3 update with the 757 coming out, I thought that this livery would look pretty neat. If there is another topic that has this request feel free to close it, I haven’t found another one. Also, if this isn’t the correct format for requests, just give me a shout.

Have a good day everyone, and happy flying!


I do love that livery!

Ur unfortunately, you can only have one photo per request according to category rules.

Will do, I will go ahead and delete one.

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Good day x, it seems to me that you have 2 pictures (1 max) and there’s not a source for any of them (also not a cool thing to do here)

There, hopefully that helps.

Thanks! You’re good now.

I’m sadly out of votes, but it’s my favorite AA livery, it looks pretty good on the 757!

b u m p

points lightsaber at you
now vote for it.

also haha first vote