Retracting Gear

Sometimes when I am around the airport, planes leave their gear out till about 6 miles away from the airport. I usually see this about one to two times a month. Why is this?

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They climb normally as any other plane.

If you fail at take off what I sometimes do I know I migh crash 3 seconds after takeoff I keep the gear down so if I lost attitude fast or just stall I can land instead of just crashing

It’s usually due to conditions and climb/speed rates. I believe it’s apart of the procedure. To maintain a positive rate and than retract the gear. If there swurving all over the place that’s not a good rate.

That’s my guess anyway.

This is normal procedure if the brakes have been heavily used during taxi, especially on heavies. The airflow cools the brakes.


People forget…

Pilots have a checklist they dont forget, plus they have a co-pilot and the systems would say. There has to be a reason, how much is the diff between Nautical Miles to Miles? 6Miles =?? NM

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I read somewhere that pilots do this when they brake hard while taxiing. It’s to cool down the gear before retracting them. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Maybe the copilot was reading the checklist and the pilot was sneezing and the copilot continued climbing 😂

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