Retracted Flap Setting

I’m a student right now, researching the characteristics of airplanes. The question "Under what runway conditions may airplanes utilise the retracted flap setting?" was recently posed by my lecturer. He also makes a suggestion that the runway’s length and the surrounding obstruction are relevant.


I suppose if the runway is long enough and/or the plane is light enough, you could takeoff without flaps. There are actually a few commercial airliners that are certified for retracted-flap takeoffs, such as the A300 and Fokker 70/100. Apart from those, apparently older-generation 737s were able to use notches 1 and 2 for takeoff, 1 being slats only, so maybe that counts as a no flap takeoff

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Welcome to the community!

Runway dry and long; light wind; low enough density altitude - that is, elevation in combination with temperature is not too high.

All have to be considered together, and in relation to the recommendations for the specific aircraft.


Thank you so much for your answer. This really helps me a lot <3


I really appreciate your reply. This is very beneficial to me.

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