Retouched some older photos...

I haven’t been out since early February and was toying around with some old photos. Some new and old retouched photos…

Descriptions are in the screenshot.





BTV was such an amazing spotting airport…


More will eventually be uploaded when they are captioned and uploaded to the website

Awesome pics!! is the biggest airliner to go through there and erj-190/195?

Thank you, largest commercial jet is the E-190 but this may have changed during the winter season since I remember reading UA is/was sending 737-700s.

For freighters, the largest is the 757-200F with FedEx


(For future reference, Flickr will not be used)

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Sweet my home airports pretty small passenger wise (737 Southwest, a320 Delta) but cargo whose we get big planes (an An-124 has delivered something before

Nice, my airport has up to a 737-800 or a320, but the largest overall is a FedEx DC-10

Some Fedex aircraft i found and took @Boeing707

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