Retiring the Test category

We created the Test category early on for ppl to test discourse features.

We decided to close it since it is often being abused and also quite useless: you can already preview your post in the Editor window (please you that to make sure your post is well formatted). It is also possible to edit your own post for a small amount of time after you post so it is easy to fix mistakes.


Where do the topics which were in #test go? :)

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They are going to be deleted…

They’ll be deleted/hidden when the category is removed fully.

Meta shouldn’t and won’t be used for test posts like this. As Philippe says, there is the real time preview window when posting.

Why can’t you edit your post after a longer time

I agree with this. Most discourse related things can be found at

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I was gonna make about Clinton and deleting things but I don’t want to get flagged ;)

I agree with deleting the test category though.

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