Retiring the Delta B772 // KLAX-KVCV // Nov. 9, 2020

Retiring the Delta B772 // KLAX-KVCV // Nov. 9, 2020

Server: Expert
Callsign: Delta 1060 Heavy
Time: 2030 Zulu - 2115 Zulu
Route: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Victorville (KVCV)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER

Hello aviators! Today, a group of about 8 and I flew from Los Angeles to Victorville to celebrate the retirement of Delta’s B772. This was a very important aircraft to Delta, myself, and many others. It was my dream to fly this one day for Delta, however, that dream is no longer reality as it has been taken from us due to COVID-19. However, all aircraft will eventually be replaced as technology advances and other needs become more important. In memorial of this outstanding bird, we flew this final flight to remember the greatness of the Delta B772 and B77L. Enjoy!

  1. Here we are, ready for takeoff, with the group ready to fly!

  2. What a quick roll! In no time, we have made it off the ground. Of course, we are lighter, as we have no passengers!

  3. Enjoying the final flight of this bird alongside a friend :)

  4. After all the miles accumulated by this aircraft, she’s quite hungry :-P

  5. Turning towards KVCV with some traffic behind us.

  6. Finishing the turn towards retirement.

  7. Getting a glance at this aircraft’s new home… KVCV.

  8. A final closeup of this magnificent bird among a desert backdrop.

  9. On the left downwind of Runway 17 at KVCV, followed by the group.

  10. Touching down for the final time as a Delta B772 :(

Rest easy big bird. You will truly be missed <3

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Once again, a special thanks to everyone who participated in this GroupFlight! You all truly made this an unforgettable flight and it couldn’t have been done without y’all!


Glad to be a part of it!! 😍😍

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Glad you could come! Be on the look out for more!!!

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Great photos! It’s so sad that these planes are retiring

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Thank you! These are sad times, indeed.

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