Retiring old feedback forum

With this forum growing in popularity and the Features category gaining steam (thanks to our awesome moderators), we decided to retire our old feedback forum.

The goal of this change is to streamline how people can give us feedback and having 2 separate places is both confusing and more complicated to maintain. The Features category on this forum is now the official channel for feedback and requests (make sure to read the category rules before posting).

When this change goes into effect later today, you should not be able to create new “Ideas” directly from the website. You will still be able to see ideas and comment for the time being until we decide to take it completely offline (most ideas are already in the Features category).


Sad to see it go. I remembered voting for things like a 747 rework and Concorde on that site. Time to move with the times I guess.


Makes perfect sense. The old feedback forum have served it’s purpose for quite some time now. Time to move forward.


It was a nice little spot there, I remember requesting Qantas liveries and @david letting me know they’re duplicates 😄
Thanks for your hard work David!

Sad to see it go but it’s good decision overall to keep things streamline.

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I like the thing were it says if feuture is being done or not

It was rarely updated and not very indicative. Also the best way to see if something is being worked on or not is when we show actual pictures :)


I remember when I first stated IF, (circa 2013) I removed the “request a feature button” on IF, and it brought you to this. I remember voting for the Concorde as much as I could. Then I took a 3 ish year hiatus, and in that time, the forums were developed.

“Updated 2/03/17, A380.” I laughed really hard at this…

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is there a way of adding the " in review" or “completed” thing. will make life way easier

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I didn’t even know that thing still existed!

haha same. just found out now

Ayy, that time when the first concorde request came up!
I still would pay 20 bucks for one of my all time top 10 favourite aircraft. The cockpit alone…

When you see “Smoke” and “Started”


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