Retiring from Flying

After much consideration and talking over with my parents. I have made a choice to end my flying career and pursue something I’ve always wanted and is my second passion. My second passion is Law Enforcement and I hope to one day be a trooper with the State police where I live. I will be going on a ride along here soon enough. With all this being said, I want to thank everyone who ever viewed my flying posts and commented on them. All of are awesome. As nervous as I am, I am looking forward too this new career change!


April Fools @N1DG, I’ve seen so many today I WASN’T SURPRISED

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Idk if this an April Fool Joke or for reals so…

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Perfect day to decide isn’t it my friend? ;)

I don’t think it was an April fools joke…

There’s a few people who really don’t like my flying posts and always give me grief about them. This is the best for me and what I have to do


Wait, this is serious. Wow. Sad to see a veteran go

Seems legit.

wait are you serious?

Good luck on you’re new future bud. Make sure to keep us in touch on you’re new career :(


Thanks man I greatly appreciate it. I’ll still fly around as a private pilot but won’t pursue the airlines

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Adios. Law enforcement is awesome. Especially the troopers! @RotorGuy - You know what I’m thinking ;)

Be a firefighter instead, you can stand around and watch a building burn to the ground and they’ll still call you a hero!


Love LEO. Always been my second passion


Man, you chose quite the day to decide. have a great time. Who knows, maybe you can fly the pursuit 208.

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What a day to announce this!

Well, whether it’s a joke or not, I hope it goes well for you! :)


Thank you I appreciate it


Same here, If it isn’t a joke hopefully all goes well and you will enjoy it :D

I too have been between LEO, and Flying, so I wish you the best. But I think we can say good rule of thumb not a good day to announce major life changes… 😂

If this is a serious thing go join the Military. You can go do Military Law Enforcement at 18. It’s free training and you can get Several national qualifications.

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