Retired fed ex

With 130,000 hours on the clock this fed ex is set to retire at the Victorville boneyard image image


How sad 😢 I should a flight to the bone yard with the Qantas 747


It would be good to hold an event that fills up the whole yard like real like 😂😂


That’s actually pretty cool, I never thought to do that.

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If someone makes this an event tag me I’m down to do that.


I’ll PM @PlaneCrazy and see


Wich airport?

What is the ICAO code?

It’s KVCV if you are all wondering :)


There is one in North Carolina KMEB in Laurinburg, NC we have a Northwest Airlines 747

We’re talking about the big one, KVCV. I PM’d @PlaneCrazy for this

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Ik i was just saying Northwest did alot of dumping there locally.

Very nice idea for a flight, I agree that it would be amazing to see the whole yard full! I will send you a PM regarding creating and event like this:-)

That’s actually a very good idea!

You can already sign me up for a American 767 from KDFW

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I can fly a 717 from ATL

Let’s not clog up someone else’s screenshot post. Please take to a PM or the event topic when created. Thank you

all airplanes must have a better fate😓😢😥

There are too many planes to house all of them in museums only special numbered aircraft the first if it hasn’t crashed special liveries maybe famous aircraft like the 747 and MD-11/DC-10 and the one that does its final tour for an aircraft type or history changing aircraft like the concord. Long story short there are far too many. If we kept every aircraft ever built we would be forced to live in them instead of houses.
That’s actually not a bad idea to live in planes.

They’re are already plane restaurants, hotels, and homes. Look it up.