Retired Aircraft

What is the possibility that IF can make the L1011, B707,767-200,727 or 737-200 into the mix?
Using such as the Old Delta or Delta Express livery or even Eastern Airlines and others


At the moment they re working on the A350 and 777 rework, so definitely not in the near future

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I know the aircraft they are working on, but wouldn’t be nice to have some old birds to fly!

By simply voting in the #features Category, Infinite Flight will consider making this sometime in the future. There are currently no plans in making the L1011, B707,767-200,727 and 737-200 in the list currently. They are busy in making other models.

It sure would, but i mean they cant work on several planes at once


Make a feature request for them or vote for existing ones as mentioned by @Chris_Wing below.

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It’s possible, but not likely to happen anytime soon. We have at least 2 new aircraft in the works, with a few more getting a few upgrades.

If you want to vote for the aircraft mentioned here are some links.


I don’t have the trust level yet. I’m itching to put my request in. Can someone submit it on my behalf

Just post, like, comment, and be active and you’ll get there in no time.

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I can do that for you. What aircraft are you wanting to request and make sure there are no other requests for it.

That’s a great idea, I would love to see a classic plane here and there!

Would love to have a 727 to play with. With realistic engine sounds, of course :-)

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