Rethinking Infinite Flight ♾️

Still less infinite flight, you paying around 123 dollars a year for a fully not developed flight sim

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That’s one of the problems, the lack of staff.

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How so? It simulates flight…I’d say it’s doing it’s job pretty well

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You should start a flight sim and see how well you can develop it, besides on roblox

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Not developed is one take, but probably a less popular one, although we are all allowed our own. But since it is not a sim that comes in installments like Xplane for example it is a constant change instead of a new installment. Things will take time, but I do agree that when you look at it over time, it can amount to more. But if they have to maintain a certain quality to keep people for the year to reach that amount.

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Nice troll post. Good attention getter. Quit complaining and go fly RFS if it’s so much better 💀


Half of the map is just pixalted ground.

“Troll Post” If you don’t like the topic then leave.

If you hate IF so much just leave, we don’t want you dirtying up the community with your negative vibes anyway

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The app gets updated roughly every 3 months, either with new or reworked planes, and now with ground vehicles. The A380 is getting reworked as we write. Liveries are also added frequently, and bugs are ironed out, most times without being reported.

Which is why they’ll get a rework down the line. FDS updates the aircraft that are used more, such as the B737s, A320 family, B777 family. The basic training aircraft was reworked from the ground with working instruments.

Do you want an aircraft that’s a buggy mess, or one that works properly?


If you dont like IF then leave


Take IFET for example. I applied since the start haven’t got a response, when people just applied last week and got in

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Did i ever say i didn’t like it though?

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It’s random.

Guys come on, lets try and be constructive and have a civil conversation instead of resorting to things like this.


THen quit complaining about it…

Through this topic, you are conveying that message, yes


my point exactly

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It is chosen based on the area you said you would improve. This is so that we can have a progressive build up across the globe instead of only the US or Europe for example. I did not have to go through the process as I was accepted during the “Find Moritz” competition, however I can imagine it is frustrating. But do give it time. It is growing quickly and it gets quicker each time.

Everyone in this chat, just leave… ig

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