Rethinking Infinite Flight ♾️

Best Mobile Flight Simulator? Personally, I think infinite flight is far down on that list. Why you may ask. Infinite constantly lacks development. Scroll through any other game, All the games already have everything you can possible have. Infinite flight barley has controls, Half of the airplanes don’t have live screens, It glitches out non stop. It’s a mess, To add on to that it will take over a year for 1 airplane to come out, because of how slow they work. I think there are many other alternatives to Infinite flight, However i do like the community which makes it a bit better. I think infinite flight has a big future ahead, but i feel as they should put some more effort into making the simulator top notchThoughts?

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But you also have to remember the team is smaller than most others as well. And there is limited capabilities when you are on a tablet or phone instead of a computer.


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Fair point, However they have the capability to hire more people.


Prob not, but this might get closed.

I was joking :)

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Could you specify what games you’re talking about?

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One of them, Rfs.

Or Aerofly.

Do they? Because with subscription based companies they really do not. Because that would mean a higher cost to provide the service, which in turn means a higher price of the product needed. This will deter a lot of people and with a subscription based service this is a problem because at any time you can back out. Unlike when you have one time payments. With subscription based products the consumer actually has a lot more power than with one time payment products.

Yeah infinite flight it so because they care about quality, not quantity. As much as some people don’t like that, it is better for the game as a whole I think


The devs constantly work better to improve this sim. Plenty of control variables and nothing in the cockpit is interactive because it’s catered towards small mobile devices.

He said the forbidden word 😱

Jokes aside, the quality of RFS’s aircraft are much lower than that of reworked IF aircraft, and I find IF to be significantly more realistic with physics, ATC, etc.

Can’t opine on Aerofly since I’ve never used it.

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Yes, aircraft take a while to come out, but also, they are very focused on what the community wants. They add aircraft that a lot of people seem to want. They have a much smaller team as well, noted above, this would make work a lot longer. I also feel aircraft in IF aren’t just thrown together like an ocean gate sub. They spend their time, and they make quality aircraft.

Infinite flight is $10 compared to other simulators which are $5. To add on, infinite flight doesn’t have as much controls etc that other sims have.

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Maybe they should hire like 20 new people onto the development team to make updates come faster

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Yes, However. Look at the controls. How many controls do you have? Around 5-15 of them. And they also have the capability to hire more developers.

IF also has the best community of people in my opinion


Yes but neither of the examples you gave are even in the same league as IF, they are extremely inferior. But also have a lot less people so the running costs for servers are lower. But I was referring more to one time purchase ones which are 100 USD up.

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I love the community but i think it needs some work.