Resume on navigation question

Does resume own navigation mean altitude is at your discretion as well?

And what about “continued as filed”?

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Resume own navigation means follow your flight plan. And same to continue as filed.

I don’t think resume own navigation means altitude at your discretion. There’s a command for altitude is at your control


Resume own navigation is used for VFR flights. Once you are clear of conflict after ATC gave a vector, you will be told to resume own navigation. Continue as filed for IFR.

Altitude at your discretion gives you permission to climb or descend to any altitude at your will. Typically we give this when pilots request climb to cruise altitude in Departure.

When ATC gives you resume own navigation, that is laterally and not vertically so that is not for altitudes.
Continue as filed can also be for altitudes if you have them in your plan


That’s only for Continue as Filed. Per 6.5.3 of the ATC Manual, Resume Own Navigation is to be used if the aircraft is not expected to return to their FPL or does not have an FPL filed.


Oh! I see! Thank you Danny!


Hey Tyler,

If you don’t know this already, there’s an interesting section in the flying guide.
This can be found in the section “ATC communication ; en-route” paragraph “Radar Controller to Pilot communication table”. Read this and you’re completely up to date! 😉


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