[RESULTS OUT - FINISHED] - The Early 2023 Screenshot Competition

GG @Anshul28! Great picture and good luck in the finals

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For once a “balanced” matchup…

Thank you for declaring. That’s some good stuff if we talk about a third place matchup…

gg darkeyes for 3rd

Would you please just give your best to get that bronze medal? It’s a big thing for competitions ;)

C’mon, don’t give up

i will try but idk how good it is, that last one was terrible and ik I could have done better

Try and get a great one…

i will try, i had group flight earlier so

Upcoming schedule for the next two final matchups

Matchup Competitors Host Date
Battle for 3rd place @darkeyes vs @IF_California @JetSuperior5192 2023-01-24T22:30:00Z
The Final @Anshul28 vs @Rolls @AvioesEJogos After the 3rd place battle is over

@darkeyes and @IF_California please send me a private PM with your picture. @Anshul28 and @Rolls you will do the same with @AvioesEJogos.

Good luck to everyone. This is getting interesting!


i did right before u sent that

Cheers bud! Good fight and best of luck for the 3rd place battle!

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3rd Place Battle - @darkeyes vs @IF_California

We are into the final stage of this competition, and these two screenshooters will be battling for the third place medal 🥉

Good luck, @darkeyes & @IF_California!!

Who gets 🥉?
  • Boeing 777 landing gear
  • Avianca landing

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Let’s get more votes… 21h to go

10 hours to go and a few votes…

Is understandable though ;)

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Let’s get more votes!


47 minutes to go…

Actually 35 to go. Got confused with the time 😅

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2 minutes

Holy mother on earth, this was a very… very close match.

Congratulations to the winner of the 3rd place medal, @IF_California. Well done on not giving up!!

and @darkeyes, very well done for an incredible competition… you deserve a shotout too!

We are awaiting now for the final. Good luck to @Rolls & @Anshul28


GRAND FINAL - @Anshul28 vs @Rolls

Welcome to the Grand Final! @Anshul28 and @Rolls have managed to beat all of their competitors so far and are the winners of Group A and Group B respectively. However, our competition couldn’t end without a final fight between the two.

Now it’s your turn: Who’ll take the trophy home? 🏆

And the winner is… 🏆
  • Emirates A380
  • Boeing formation flight

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