[RESULTS OUT - FINISHED] - The Early 2023 Screenshot Competition

yep(sad) TenTEN

Out of anything possible, find it so bizarre how both shots here are coincidentally based on similar theme/angle here lol 🤔 📸


15 hours to go!

And less than a day for group A

Vote people. These are the semifinals!!

Two hours left!

yep (ten ten)

i effed it up on that last one

Group B is over. Congratulations @Rolls on passing to the grand Final! We are awaiting for your rival in 6 hours time. Congratulations again!

@IF_California you will go on a third place battle against the looser of group A. Is not over yet! ;)

And congratulations to you too for being in the TOP 4!


yes, thank you

2 hours to go…

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30mins left

15 mins left

two minutes left!!

One Minute!!!

Let’s see y’all…

why it say nan

Quantas 747 wins! Gg

That was close

I voted for the Cargolux but they were both good

cargolux should have one

I consider “close” when is less than 7% difference. That round was like 12% 💀. I could say “uncomfortable”

Congratulations to the winner of group A!