[RESULTS] OLYMPIC EVENT 3: The 'Original' Landing Contest; Samuel123abc bags it!

Thanks to all that came.
The results are in:

10mins of stalling and advert breaks…

1st: @Samuel123abc (SE01)- 9.25
2nd: @Jasper (DE08)- 8.75
3rd: @Nick_Art (CH02)- 8.25
3rd: @Melker16 (SE03)- 8.25
5th: The guy in the Jetstar A320 of team AU- 6.5
6th: @BavariaAVIATION (DE07)- 6.25 with @niclasdoege (DE02)- 6.25
6th: DE06- 6.25
8th: @scandinaviangroup (SE04)- 6
9th: IFAO Can (DE04)- 5.5
10th: @Freddiefrogs (SE02)- 5.25
11th: @EdT (AU02)- 5

And finally:

12th: @MarioWHVGER (DExx)- 1
12th: US01- 1

If anybody know who the blanks are please reply below :-)


Challenge accepted!


This is a fun one!

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How do you make your approach, do you start a nearby airport or just fly a pattern?

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I’m guessing fly in from somewhere… @IceBlue?

As many team members as we want?

This is gonna be hilarious to watch!!


@Matt_B yes. The more you bring, the higher your team score (if they are good)
@Samuel123abc yes. KLAX, KSAN, KNUC, KLGB, whatever tickles your fancy.

Aircrafts with autoland system??

@SAA_A346 yes, but a full autoland landing would earn 1/10.


I’ve landed backwards before. It’s a long story, but, uh… it’s complicated. Let’s just say that I’m a bad pilot. 😐


This sounds like your kind of event then!

Oh great… 😒

Let’s do this! Challenge accepted! Let’s go team GB!

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I challenge someone to make an inverted Immelmann before landing.
Please post a video if you made it.

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Finally a sign of life from you guys :)


would be nice to join, but Ive not Olympic Server. Am join to Slack. Fill out before the form for the Breaking Events 2 weeks ago.??? I need help… 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Thomas / Iceblue or Carson …

Can u guys please help out @turkish534 with his problems on the server


@turkish534 please direct him to a PM with @Thomas_Galvin and @Carson; I do not do the server stuff, just put on killer events :-P

I don’t think you can land backwards, but you can takeoff backwards in a C208!