Results for the IFAS Infinite Flight Air Show


On behalf of the co founders and judges I would just like to say a big thank you to all who came to the IFAS today! I would like to add that it was a huge success with people wanting to have a go at every event! Unfortunately we did not get a chance to carry out the acrobatics as there was a popular demand for the landing competition!

Here are the results for the landing competition!

  • 1st- United 4210, N37GN
  • 2nd- N180GL
  • 3rd- Test Flight 563

Well done to those who participated in the landing competition!

Would like to say a big thank you to @Down4Double for helping me judge for this event and a big thanks to @Rotate and @hubandspoke1 for helping me create this successful event!

@JGK00 co-founder, event judge
@Rotate co-founder
@hubandspoke1 co-founder
@Down4Double event judge

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Event Pics:


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Thanks for the great turnout!! (My apologies, I couldn’t get a good pic of everyone)

Per request, post event pics in the original event thread.


Werent you reading my callsign i change it to KEDW land 22

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And my upside down thing was for aerobatics but that failed i tried to do an upside down flight but that happend

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No I didn’t see the call sign change. That is something I learned today! When you change your display name, it doesn’t show until you end the flight and respawn.

I was changing my call sign to say “landing comp open”, “AF Escort open”, ext., but it didn’t change because I never respawned. I noticed that in your pics from EAFB.

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Yay I’m first


Well done you were very good!

Let’s keep the pictures in the original event topic next time please.

My apologizes, I figured event recap pics went hand in hand with the judges results.

Thanks i practiced a lot 😂

Some photos today