(Results Are Up!) Difficult Approaches #6: Kai Tak @ VHXX - 121600ZMAY18

Pictured: Checkerboard Hill

Server: Training
Region: Southeast Asia
Airport: VHXX (Hong Kong Kai Tak)
Time & Date: 1600Z - May 12th, 2018
Fly your favorite heavy into what was once the most dangerous airport in the world.

IMPORTANT: You are required to fly the real world approach for runway 13 at VHXX

We will takeoff from ZSAM in either a 747, 777, A380, A340 or an MD-11. The plane must be a heavy (with the exception of the MD-11). If you use an aircraft not listed, you will not be allowed to participate. Because it is impossible to create a realistic flight plan with an airport that technically doesn’t exist, your flightplan is at your discretion until waypoint DOTMI. From there, use this flightplan:

DOTMI MAGOG 2217N/11519E CH 2213N/11354E 2218N/11354E 2219N/11356E 2220N/11410E 2220N/11411E VHXX

Landings will be judge on a scale of 1-10 using three criteria:

  • Approach Accuracy
  • Technique
  • Smoothness

(Slot Open)

T3 Gate 41 - @Sebastian9915 (A340)
T3 Gate 42 - @Ollie_James (747 [2])
T3 Gate 43 - @theabdulrasheed (A340)
T3 Gate 44 - @Zachiebm (777)
T3 Gate 45 - @Carolina_Taylor (777)
T3 Gate 46 - @Cbro4 (777)
T3 Gate 47
(more gates will be added if necessary)

Pending List
This is a list of people who are unsure if they can attend.

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I would do this if I had pro


Sign me up!
Remote Apron808 can I use the A340?
If not I’ll use the 747 👌🏼

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Put me down as a judge if possible!

Uggghh I really want to come but it’s at 2:30am for me :( rip. I hope you guys have a great time!

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^ Same here 😕

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Ill be there! Remote apron 805 777 please

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What about an a330 aren’t those considered heavy

Put me down on the Pending List. I’ll have to check my schedule for the weekend.

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The A340 works. I have you down for apron 808, can’t wait to see you there!

Alright, apron 805 is yours. See you there!

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Technically yes, but in comparison to the MTOW and MLW of the other heavies I included, it’s a bit of an outlier, so I chose not to allow it.

Hey, can I be put down as pending for now please? Many thanks!

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Okay thank you can you put me on pending

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@JIA_345 @2003iggy ok, both of you are down for pending.

The event happens tomorrow, still plenty of space!

The event is only 8 hours away! Still plenty of slots open. I have changed the starting airport to ZSAM

Please sign me in! Lufthansa A340. Callsign: SR421

Sounds good, I’ll put you down as soon as I edit the gates for the new airport.

Last call for participants! Signup closes in 1 hour.