[Results are OUT!] Airport MAX Out Landing Competition @ TNCS - 012345ZDEC17

sign me up! callsign ETR-105

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I won’t be able to attend. :( Hopefully in future events like the next MAX out I’ll be able to attend.

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Great! Your gate is Cargo1

Sorry to hear that. See you at our next MAX out event.

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I can do ATC for the event.

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Great. ATC’s job is to regulate traffic in and out of the airport! I will give you more info as the event starts!

OK got it! Thank you.

If anyone is unsure about wether they will be able to make the event, please let me know!

Are there any spots left?

We have plenty of spots left! I will be sure to add you

We have 2 spots left! Reserve your spot before we run out.

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Thanks! When are gates assigned? First timer, hence all the questions.

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Check above under gates

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I know you hate me, but can I get a gate?

What? I have never seen you before

Lol sorry. Can I get a gate?

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That is alright. Sure your gate is GA11. Just wondering why do you think I was mad at you?

Well I was confusing you with General Flight. He/She said that I am out of video Ideas. You both have a blue profile picture, that’s why I was a little confused… Sorry lol

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It is fine. See you at the event!


1 hour till the event!