[Results are OUT!] Airport MAX Out Landing Competition @ TNCS - 012345ZDEC17

Server: Training

Airport: TNCS

Time: 23:45Z

Welcome Everyone
This is Airport MAX Out’s first landing Competition! During our Pre-Show, @Balloonchaser, @Cbro4, and myself came across this airport. It has a very difficult approach due to the giant cliff sticking out on one side and another cliff that falls down into the ocean. It took us many attempts and crashes before we could land! The goal of this event is to see who can land the best without crashing! I hope you enjoy and see you at the event!

The Event

On December 1st at 23:45 ZULU, all the participating aircraft will spawn in at TFFJ at their assigned gate. You will be given clearance to takeoff maintaining 5 minutes of separation between yourself and another pilot. Next, each pilot will fly the visual flight plan provided and fly around the island where TNCS is located. Then, one by one, each pilot will be given clearance for landing. After landing, taxi off the runway and exit the sim, or stay and watch your fellow pilots! Our judges will score your landing and rank you. The results will be released at 25:00 ZULU.


Since there are limited way points in the Caribbean region, please follow this flight plan to the best of your ability. Just make sure to fly around the island for your approach!


Cessna Caravan 208 (Any livery)


Pilot Spots (TFFJ)

Gate 01: @Cbro4 LEAD PILOT
Gate 02: @JRRaviation
Gate 03: @Dillion_Birdnecklace
Cargo 01: @Etrain
Cargo 02:@oscar_mur
Cargo 03: @Jacob_Sim
Cargo 04: @Ryan_Vidad
GA 05: @AsorbMC
GA 06: @crxmson
GA 08: @AdamTanA350
GA 09: @Matt737
GA 10: @146flyer
GA 11: @Swiss
GA 12: @LachyRobertson


TFFJ Tower 118.45: @William_Armstrong


Our judges will be grading your landing to determine the winner of the event. You will be graded on these points:

  1. Approach | how well can you line your self to the runway and stay on the glidslope? [5 points]
  2. Terrain Avoidance | How well can you avoid hitting the mountainside? [5 points]
  3. Touchdown | How well can you land the plane at the center of the runway? [5 points]
  4. Landed | Did you land the plane on the runway and come to a full stop? [5 points]
  5. ATC Usage | How will did you use the ATC? [3 points]
  6. Flight plan | Did you maintain a 10 NM separation between the pilot in front of you? [2 points]

Our Judges


We are offering a series of awards for the best landings!


Thanks to everyone who participated I hope you enjoyed the event! Keep flying! No one got below a 15 on the score sheet!

First place:@Matt737, @LachyRobertson, @Wattsup_jet
Second Place:@Matt737, @LachyRobertson, @Wattsup_jet
Third Place:@Matt737, @LachyRobertson, @Wattsup_jet
_Fourth Place: _@Cbro4
Fifth Place:@Dillion_Birdnecklace
Sixth: @Jacob_Sim
Eighth:@crxmson, @Swiss 001


This event is sponsored by Japan Airlines Virtual. For early access to all Airport MAX Out events and reserved spots, join JALVA today! Check out their website HERE!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave them in the comments below!


Sounds fun sign me up definitely! See you there

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Great, glad to have you!

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I’ll take a gate. Sign me up!

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Welcome. See you at Gate 02!

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Can I have a gate please?

Of Course, welcome to the event!

I think I’ll be able to make it! Gate please!

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See you there at cargo 01!

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We have just added a prize section for the winners! Check it out at the top of the page!

There are plenty of gates available! However, the event will only be open for 30 minutes!

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I recommend securing your spot as soon as possible! We will only be accepting a certain amount of people. The sooner you join, the earlier you will be able to join the competition!

Sounds like a fun way of ending a week of exams. Sign me up please!

Sign me up please, I will be there.

I think I can make it. I don’t mind trying to land or being a judge (since you have 2 out of 3).

I can make it! But I might pull 3g’s on the landing.

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Welcome @oscar_mur, @Jacob_Sim, and @Cbro4! Check above for your gates!

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Sounds good! See you there.

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We have 6 spots left! Make sure to get your spot as soon as possible

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Our final judge is @Samuel_Szeto!

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