[Results are in] IFCC Event #1 @ TNCM - 182000ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: FDS Aircraft Only (A318, B777, B747-8, Q400, 737BBJ)

Before reading further, make sure you read about IFCC!!

Welcome to IFCC’s first event which will be held in St. Maarten! As the NOTAM says you are only allowed to use FDS aircraft! Any other aircraft at the airport will be warned by the command ‘event in progress.’ This signifies that you should turn around and head to another airport for the time being. If you disobey, you will be ghosted after! An IFATC member will be there to make sure no unauthorized aircraft enter the airport airspace while the event is going on. Please make sure you read the event procedures below!

Your job is to spawn at airport and taxi to runway. Like you would in any situation, request takeoff clearance remaining in the pattern! ATC will clear you for takeoff to right traffic. Once airborne, you need to make sure that you stay within the airspace rings.

Make sure you sure you state that you’re on final and making a full stop. ATC will clear you to land. As you get closer, you only have one opportunity to perform a go-around. Again, make right traffic and once you are on final, state your position so ATC can clear you.

Once you land, do your normal reverses and spoiler procedures and exit. If you end up all the way to the end of the runway, then ATC will clear you to back taxi, so please exit as fast as possible. Once an aircraft is clear of the runway, the next plane will be cleared for takeoff and the process continues.

Anyone is welcome to come to participate in the landing competition, no sign up required. I reiterate, if you are participating in the competition, please use aircraft with FDS liveries.

If you want to be a spectator in this event, please use the Cessna 172 or Sirrus SR22. If you have performed your landing and want to watch the rest of the landings, exit the game, use the GA aircraft listed above and spawn back in. Add the word -SPEC to your display name if you are a spectator (ex. CptNathanHope-SPEC).

Thank you for taking the time to read the event info! Again, the event takes place Saturday, June 18 at 1800Z, make sure to spawn in at least 10mins before so we can get started exactly at 1800Z.

Any further questions, shoot me a PM! ;)

Here are the results!


Hopefully I can come.

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Hi, sorry to bring this up but IF live is a paid subscription add-on to the app and what your suggesting here is that should I wish to fly too or from this airport on a server that I have paid to fly on then I will be ghosted when in fact I have done nothing wrong? I really don’t see how you can justify this? Once I have paid for the region and or subscription to fly on live then it is totally up to me where I fly from or too and I was under the impression that ghosting was purely to be used as a means to control those not obeying in flight directions? I’d like someone to clear up just how this would / has worked because as a paying customer I can’t see how I can then be told where I can and can’t use what I have paid for and how a ghosting would stand when nobody would have done anything wrong apart from use what they have paid for? I’m really interested to see other thoughts on this.

cool, ill try to come! I’ll practice a lot… =)

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I may change that :/ sorry. I think I will make ATC just tell people that there is an event ongoing. Ghosting will only happen if you don’t obey instructions (entering airspace after ‘event ongoing’ warning was given).

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that clears it up. sorry it just seemed really harsh as if im looking for a busy airspace id just spawn in if it was busy and dont think it fair to get ghosted.

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There is one more week until the event starts. I hope a lot of you guys can join! :)

The event is tomorrow! Hopefully you guys can join!

The event starts in 4 more hours! Even if you don’t want to participate in the landing competition, you can still come and watch, but make sure to follow the guidelines!

Event title says 2000z in the description you say 1800z, im guessing its at 1800z

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1806Z no one is there yet.

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It says 2000Z so I’m guessing it’s then?

In the details he mentioned 1800Z. Lol

He changed the timing 2 hours ago to 2000Z :)

Click the orange penci, and you will see what I’m talking about

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Okay ! Cool. New to the forum. Sounds good! See y’all in a few


I hope you guys can make it

I will be there

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5 minutes left guys!