result of infinite emulation 19.3 bluestacks 4.120

Hello pilots.
As I said before I would test the new OPENGL configuration and it works alias very well.
I think it’s even better to continue with my post setup because DIRECTX is still safer.
The stability was also very good, I made 11 uninterrupted takeoffs (without leaving the flight mod) and was very stable.
Another thing I liked about this I can not say if it works on cell phones is the distance between airplanes.
You can see another plane on the horizon and before I did not have this condition.
That’s a good flight to all.

PS: Remembering always has update on bluestacks and I recommend caution.
If upgrading don’t do it about the current okay.
Delete your bluestacks and install again. But if your IF is working well don’t do it you may have problems with some unexpected news.


Why do You need to make a topic for each new development? Just reply in Your old ones.

Thank You and have a nice day!

Please add onto your existing thread. There is no need to have multiple bluestacks setup threads. This helps to keep the forum organized.