Restrictions in London City Airport

Yes, there is a topic about this, but it’s almost two years old, so…
I was preparing my route, changing my fuel levels, and about to taxi, in the expert server, when all of a sudden, an A380 shows up and takes up 3 gates, including mine. I think that this is completely unacceptable, and needs to be apprehended. Although in real life, the aircraft restrictions are more stringent than these, I believe that the only aircraft that should be allowed are the A320 family (320, 321, 319, 318), the 737 family (900, 800, 700, BBJ), the Dash 8, the CRJ family when it comes out (900, 700, 200/100), Cessna Citation X, Cessna 172, Cessna 208, the ERJ family (170, 175, 190, 195), the 717, the Cirrus SR22, the fighter jets, the Spitfire, and the Super Decathlon. I believe this is a much needed addition to IF, and would make the game much more fun for everyone.

Not just EGLC, other aiports needs this too. For example Laguardia.
If there is a controller at that airport then they’ll be told to that their aircraft is too large, if they continue to request pushback then will be ghosted.
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It would be cool if they can set a restriction on what aircraft in what airport before you spawn in, like if you’ve selected a 747 for EGLC and you press fly it will say “Sorry, this aircraft is too large for this airport.” That would be a cool idea.

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I think it already does that at some airports

Well in CLT Americans A330 takes up 3 gates to use. Gate restrictions would be lovely tho like during events you hop on a gate in a A320 and boom a 777 is there!

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Lots of airports these should be, including KLGA, CYTZ, KDCA,SBGL, and plenty more, these restrictions would help a lot.
-An IFATC Controller


It’s time a lot of airport get loaded with notam that get enforced.

It’s not just airport like Lukla(?) in Nepal, or Aspen in Denver who should receive notams.

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I was there, I got so angry! Can’t believe someone would try that.

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Not only LCY. The other day I spawned in DCA, with an MD-11 to my left, a 789 to my right and a 788 pushing back. At LGA that same day, a 77W and a 787 at the gate. At SBSP a couple for weeks ago, I spawned and saw 777s and 787s all over the place. All of this on the expert server.

We need more restrictions in general. I will bookmark this for when I have a free vote.


@nicochile2 Sorry about that, I belive that was me, I realize in hind sight that that probably frustrated alot of people when I tried to replicate a test flight boeing did with that to DCA, sorry…

I think the largest aircraft allowed should be the 737-800 or the A319. But we definitely need this. So you have my vote.

It’s not your fault entirely. If you didn’t have knowledge about DCA before, it would be impossible to tell you shouldn’t be with a heavy there.

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@nicochile2 No, I know that hevies dont lamd there, it was that I was trying to replicate a 788 test flight while ATC was there… My fult

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When airports are edited we nominate the max size of aircraft that can spawn in that position
We have Class A through F as per my web site. I would suggest Infinite Flight imposes these restrictions according to the aircraft size designated by the airport editors. This would technically be easy to do and would prevent aircraft larger than the spawn position from generating there!


I would hope this is only in live, at some point it is a game and not IRL, I am all for realizum on live, but I do like to goof around with A380s at short caribean runways…😂

This would just be a proposal for Expert and Intermediate. It could be enforced in Casual. I guess the user base should decide. The framework is already in place. It would just need implemented. Now that we have all of the major airports edited I see no reason why I couldn’t be immediately implemented. (Apart from the programming aspect)

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I think this is needed badly as the largest aircraft that can and flies to London City (EGLC/LCY) is the A318 and the A318 can just about fly into EGLC.

This is needed tired of seeing a380s a330s B747s B777s at LCY

That’s really just the way the training server goes. On the Expert server it should not exist, but in controlled airports, IFATC will inform an aircraft if they are too large.

This would be good. Early on there was a 747 at City airport just blocking the taxi way and it does get annoying when heavyweight aircraft’s land at small airports