Restrictions for Military airports

Hey guys,

I’ve just landed in YSNW, a Military airport in Sydney region, with an F-14, on the Expert Server and during my approach I’ve seen many non-military aircraft request approaches and inbounds to Nowra Military, so I’ve decided to share my opinion.

My question is… if an airport is a Military airport, why not adding a command for ATC that says a thing about these?

  • Ground ATC: “This is a military airport, please choose another aircraft”
  • Tower ATC: “This is a military airport, please choose another airport”
    –> They are only ideas <–

Or maybe some restrictions where in a military airport, only military aircraft can land or take off exc.

In my opinion, on the Expert Server, we should have these restrictions for a more realistic Server and experience!



I saw a triple 7 when I was there and ground told them aircraft was to big for airport. Also I think someone has made a topic on this.


Maybe something along the lines of: “This is a military airport. Turn back now or you will be shot down!”


@Bulba I didn’t find a topic about this, also that command is too general…

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thought that someone did. Ok then. I do say that this is a yes from me


I’d vote for this it’s a good point … maybe have a special ring around it on the map like KASE has one on aircraft right


😂🤣 that’s funny, that’s a good one

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Well RIP San Clemente, I’ve seen 747’s to A380’s there on Expert.


I saw a Boeing 747 of the Nasa

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But since NASA works for he govt, I don’t think they should have restrictions

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I think this would be a great idea as it would free up a lot of the bases for jets and military cargo planes


I was controlling tower and ground at YNSW today. Tried to tell all the 380s, 777s and alike that they are too big, but at one point when there’s a lot of traffic it’s hard to find time checking each plane. Ideally you shouldn’t be able to spawn at an airport which is not suitable for the aircraft you’ve chosen.


90% of the KNUCleheads on TS1 probably don’t even know that KNUC is used for military ops only, and they wouldn’t care and still fly their A380 in there at 240 knots. It’s Infinite Flight, it’s not gonna be super realistic. They like it because it’s an island and fun to fly to.


@RTG113 Infact I said Expert Server, not TS1 ;)


@subtone Yes I saw you :) With restrictions all will be easier!

The military still fly commercial jets for transport, light aircraft for training, so what do you restrict?

Already requested. Until now no answer…


It’s about time someone brought this up. If you’re going to have a sim with rules of the Real World enforced, then restrictions like these should be put into place. PLEASE!!! For the sake of Realism.

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In real life it can be that military airports are alternates so it should be a beter solution.

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It isn’t the same request… :/

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