Restriction Request for LaGuardia (KLGA)

Lately, I’ve seen pilots on Infinite Flight on the Expert Server landing at LaGuardia with 787s, 747s and rarely A380s (A380s only without a controller). This is really annoying because the largest aircraft meant for LaGuardia is the 757-200. Seeing larger aircraft there just gives me a huge headache. Probably gives the controllers one, too.

Plus, it makes no sense if KJFK is just 8.7 Nautical Miles away and KEWR is just 14 Nautical Miles away.


I think I’ve flown in there with a 767 before but I’m not sure it was back in 2013. is LaGuardia the hub for United?

Nope, but KEWR is one of their Secondaries, and a 767???

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No, it’s a hub for Delta and American. United has a hub at Newark (EWR)

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Oh… Then i connected to Orlando with a 757 so it must be Newark then

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@jdag2004 actually, KLGA has Ultra-Rare 767 flights with Air Canada. They also had 767-400ERs there, but that was 2001.

The largest is actually a 767-300ER I believe. I think Delta rarely flies in a 767.

Oh okay! It could be Newark or Jon F kennedy. The flight was from London

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Yeah, we could expect more bigger aircraft around 2020 when KLGA gets it’s Terminal rebuilt.


Im pretty sure it is Newark. I just looked at the wikipedia and it says there is a route from London Heathrow.

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I want to redo that 😉 I’ll be mad if someone lands a 747 at Albrook knowing that they have MPPA and MPTO in GF 🙄😒


Currently the largest aircraft that flies in there is the 767. However, because the 787 is a composite aircraft it may be a little larger but relatively the same weight ± couple thousand pounds. Often an airport is restricts aircraft based on their weight, and build’s the size of the airport on the weight of the aircraft. I would say that the 787 is the biggest that you could fit in but nothing larger. 777’s, 74’s and any thing equal or larger is out of the question. I fly in and out LGA a couple times a week, and believe me, theres no room for any thing bigger.


I’ve seen a 787-8 in LGA (Flightradar24)

Pilote: inbound on the ils…
Tower: You’re aircraft is to heavy for the airport , please divert too. . . . and contact . . . . .

Could be good :)


LGA-Runway 4/22

Dimensions: 7001 x 150 ft. / 2134 x 46 m
Surface: asphalt/concrete/grooved, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity:
PCN 63 /F/B/W/T
Single wheel: 80.0
Double wheel: 170.0
Double tandem: 360.0

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I would like proof of that. I live close to lga and I basically see every aircraft, never seen a 787 going to and/or departing from LaGuardia. Also, nothing on the Internet shows proof either. FR24 is known to have errors. I saw a “Concorde” over the Atlantic once.

I saw it on FR24. It was an American 787-8 flying DFW-LGA

Doubt a 787 would fly that…

I saw it. I am just saying what I saw

Like I said, it could be a bug. Well it has to be one.