Restriction for the training server

I think the casual server is already free enough to have fun, the training server needs to be more restricted, because the goal is to train and not to do anything, how you can train when you have ATC that do anything , drivers who do not respect the advice, there is more way to train, I think there must be restrictions less than that of the expert server but they must have
Example I do not know, if the setpoints are not respected after 3 warning we can put a violation, something of the kind

I suggest that too,
I like opening approach contol but in some places like EGLL and no one really cares about my commands…which made things go from hard to impossible…
And when you control tower you will have a player who you say go around by they just land anyway!

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exactly but they said is for training but your training nothing like this

Well, Training Server is a place where both pilots and ATC can practice and learn and that is what makes it difficult.

ATC can only train with pilots that know what they are doing.
Pilots can only train when ATC knows what it’s doing.

When both don’t know what should be done, it gets messy and a lot of people are unhappy.

Maybe there should be separate training servers. One for pilots and one for ATC?


It’s really improved in the past year to be honest, it had much more trolls before. Sure there are still some who don’t listen but the training server now has more higher quality pilots who listen and fly realistically.


It would be nice to see training server utilized in the proper way.


maybe it wil be good to see casual for first approch and understanding , so “training” , the training for deepen her skill but will be more restriction than the casual , and the expert stay like this with more restriction than the training

or make a small test of ATC for the training and open ATC in casual

Agreed, it’s hard to learn ready for expert when you can’t execute proper commands to pilots who will listen ( in ATC ). I think ATC in casual would be great with an entry level of x amount of operations before moving up. This way, serious flyers and serious ATC will benefit massively and no doubt progress that little bit quicker.

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There has to be a server where everyone can do what they want, so without any rules.
Casual used to be called Playground.

Who would want to (try to) control on Casual Server anyway? ;)

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Mabey ground and tower atc should be allowed on casual server to keep trolls over there and utilize training server properly

Maybe a higher server then? Between training and expert. That would work

i think about it

I think the only thing that would work is having two training servers.

An ATC Training Server with the same rules for pilots as on the Expert Server.
A Pilot Training Server with the same rules for ATC as on the Expert Server.

That would insure an optimal learning process for both groups.

I don’t think the ATC group is big enough to populate an extra sever though.
But if it works well, that group might get bigger quickly.

Facilitating an extra server would (probably) mean an increase of the subscription prices.

I have a feeling that most users wouldn’t have a problem with that though.


I don’t really think there is a problem of number of atc…after all major airports always have atc and heavy traffic if you observe:)

l think maybe CS can add ATC……

I absolutely agree with you except one thing you have said.

If we have seperate TS (one for Atc, one for pilots) this will reduce number of aircrafts and this will go far from realism and entertaining.

I agree there always will be amateur Atcs and amateur pilots or trolling people, but main solution should’nt be a seperation.

We need to discuss about it. And getting a violation is not a solution as @Jan has said reasons.

In my opinion, users should record the screens and there should be complaints topic in the IFC.

And with the votes of 3 or more mods will be enough for violations, maybe even ghosting in TS if it is so serious crime.

If user cannot record happenings, he will ask help in the complaints topic and another user will do it for him.

We can use abbreviations for this topic.


Egll Atc tower has complaints about a pilot.


It will mean the pilot is going from egll to eddf and i am tower


I am approach and pilot is going from egll to eddf

Etc etc.

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However, I really like this sim and take it seriously, I am able to take flight in expert but haven’t yet because I don’t want to lose what I have earnt here in TS. I am also working up to the 500 operations for ATC so that I can train as an ATC in expert server. The transition between TS and expert servers needs pilots and ATC to be dedicated, I really think another level wouldn’t hurt! It would sort out the serious players from the casual flyers without the fear of being thrown to the wolves in expert lol.

I believe it’s the only way.

Just think about it.
It’s the only way to ensure that a pilot in training will be controlled by expert ATC and ATC in training will be controlling expert pilots.

Believe in me @Jan , if we do it, so many users and even me can cancel subscriptions. Just flying by oneself is a purpose but not enough for feeling realism.

And if you divide TS, this will cause to be reduced number of airplanes in the sky.

Look at IF Tracker, for example one day there will be 500 users. But with this seperation, it will be 300 at pilots Ts, 200 at Atc Ts.

Many people are here to make flight radar realistic i suppose. And i am one of them. Less aircraftsand less Atcs per server. Sorry but i cannot enjoy, i cannot feel realism.