Restricted Zones in IF

To make IF and IFATC more realistic, what about adding Restricted Areas (Military/Acrobatics) ?
Maybe even have extra commands relating to such types of activities, and also while a military restricted zone goes hot - no speed limits, acrobatics allowed. And for acrobatics restricted zone, acrobatics allowed.

This way the few of us crazy pilots could show our virtual skills without any penalties.

What does the community think?

Sorry if there is already a thread somewhere else, just thought it is most appropriate in ATC.


I think this would be great! Washington DC has a no fly zone over it and this feature would show people that it’s a no fly zone and would help make the approach to DCA more realistic. I believe this topic could go in the features category for next time. 😉


Sweet! Maybe after we get more responses ill request a switch to a more appropriate category.

Also what would be great is simulated paradrops in paradrop zones.

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Laura has already been testing TFR’s (Tenporary Flight Restrictions), mainly in SoCal. Implementing something like this shouldn’t be too difficult


You want to stop the military from doing this?


We had TFRs a couple of months ago, don’t know what happened to them. For Military go here :)


Maybe restrict certain aircraft in some areas so fighters can stil fly in.

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