Restricted Airspace

I was about to establish ILS on my localizer at Pakistan, Islamabad airport then I suddenly got a message saying I entered into restricted airspace and I shoud check the map… Well, it is not my first time I fly around restricted areas and I know I shouldn’t fly thrgouh. This one was especially in Islamabad International Airport. So, I canceled the landing and now I’m diverting to another airport in expert server…

When I started the flight it was not restricted. Honestly, I didn’t check the map if the restriction came while I’m descending so I’m not sure if it happend exactly the moment I was establishing on the localizer or it happened before…

I immediately took the control and left the airspace so I didn’t get violation…
My question is, restrictions comes automatically? Randomly? Or an ATC adding them on the map?
I wonder whether if these restrictions are spawning simultanously with real world restrictions or they’re just random restrictions.

In any case… How can I know if there will be restriction in advance, before flying or during the flight?

I don’t think it’s restricted airspace I believe it’s a notam Telling you that one of the runway is closed and should be used as a taxiway

It says an active TFF area and there is a red big circle around the airport

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You are allowed to land just make sure you go to runway 10 right or 28 left not the other runway in you’ll be OK


I landed, I don’t see that message in Notam, interesting.

If you click on the red circle then hit the box that is in red then it will show you the Notam


Oh that’s awesome, finally I see more details for every airport that has red circle. I was thinking it only means restricted airspace… Wow, I love these details in Infinite Flight, it is fantastic.

Yes, it is! For more information on TFRs and NOTAMs, see the below section of the Infinite Flight Flying Guide. You can also find a list of all permanent TFRs/NOTAMs there. For example, here’s the OPIS one you ran into today:

OPIS (Islamabad) NOTAM)

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 7.11.16 PM


Thanks a lot Luca!


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