Restricted Airspace

It would be cool if the developers set up a restricted airspace around some airports that have it real life. This is how it would work:

-Air Force/military aircraft would be all word in
-GA/commercial aircraft would get a warning
-Warning would say; "Attention [callsign], you are in [a] restricted airspace! Turn back immediately!

-failure to turn around within 5 minutes would result in a violation
-if the player still does not change course, the grade will drop to the next lower grade
-if the player STILL does not leave the airspace, they would be kicked from the server

The developers would be able to remove/add a restricted area at any time. They can set the altitude of it, too.

NOTICE: I will re-word this soon. I typed this on my phone.


There goes KNUC


A 5% standing drop? - We don’t have standings anymore.


We don’t? Didn’t know that.

We have grades instead

wow, you’re right. thanks for telling me.


You’ll have to find another solution. :/

I fixed it.

I wouldn’t say a grade be lowered, how about a violation? Violations can deteriorate your grade :3


I would spawn at the airport that is restricted a sit there

Yes! I knew I forgot about that.

I know the punishment I suggested for flying in a restricted airspace is very harsh, but pilots would get their license revoked in real life.

Then you would get a violation for it.

So now that this is fixed up, I’m meaning to ask. Let’s say Area 51 is in IF, and you want to fly a “JANET” 737 to Area 51, but Area 51 is a restricted airspace for the Military only. What do you do? :/

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We do not even have a Nevada region yet.

I’m saying what happens if it does come along? :/

Then we will cross that bridge when we get there. :)

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Like commercial airlines like American Airlines is going to be allowed into Area 51 with fake “blow up” Aliens. Something need to be considered with these restrictions. :P

What? Please re-word that.

Hmm. It’s an interesting concept… Just need some work on the punishments