Restricted Airspace

Is anyone aware of a listing of restricted airspace due to political/terror activity? I know only currently of Nagorno Karabakh and Syria. I am not asking about general security reasoning and definitely not about particular incidents which have no place in this category as the moderator says in “about…”

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I am pretty sure that North Korea is generally avoided by most airlines but Air Koryo and Air China.


Eastern Ukraine, North Korea

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@Highflyer321 But is that out of pragmatism or actual restrictions?

I don’t know but I would not try to fly over.

@highflyer321 I agree lol!

@NeperQiell I cannot believe that I forgot about the Donbas region, particularly as UIA cancelled my flight from Kiev to nearby Kharkov a couple of years ago!

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I should have tried good old google first. If anyone else is interested have a look at

Mods please close this now. Thanks

The UAE bans Qatar airways out their airspace!