Restricted Airspace map?

Does anybody have an image of the 2021 Airspace restrictions? Currently on a flight to WSSS on expert and it shows me going over Afghanistan and Pakistan. I want to make my flight realistic and dont want to fly over potential restricted airpace. Last i remember those 2 countries were no fly zones

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I don’t know about Pakistan, but I know Libya and Afghanistan are risky business right now.

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ACAA has deemed it safe to fly

USA Europe and most Gulf countries have a no fly over Iran and or Iraq

Also I think Pakistan is only banned depending on what country you’re flying from

Hey, I will direct you to these links on SafeAirspace for you to have a read. Policies vary between country, some restrict you to certain airways or altitudes, others avoid entirely; so do have a look to what applies.


No afghanstain is very dangerous including their airspace

Theres so many ‘stans’ i cant keep track of which ones which lol

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I believe Belarus is a risky airspace, ik Ryanair don’t fly over it but some might not aswell

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