Restricted Access Server. Thoughts please!

I know we’ve all seen the Expert Server Arguments, both for, and against bringing it back. But what if we did something different? Something more of a reward?

We could maybe do a server where you gain access one of 2 ways.

•Meet the minimum requirements. This would include XP, landing to violation ratios, and total ghostings. Meeting this criteria would get you automatic access to the restricted server.

•Be invited by someone who already has access to the server. There would still be minimum stats required, but having a trusted user ‘vouche’ for you would enable you quicker access. Obviously there would have to be penalties for the ‘trusted’ user if their invitee is ghosted by ATC or users.

Stats, XP, and ratios are something we’d have to work out if this is ever taken serious, but what do you guys think?


That would actually be awesome! You just have to pick some who can invite others, or we´ll end up with someone inviting a bunch of nimrods.

Nice idea!

Just hopefully that doesn’t happen.

I think it’s a great idea actually. Sure, it’ll take sometime for it to pick up speed. But once that ball gets rolling i think it will turn out pretty good! I definitely endorse the idea.

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I think this would be a great idea!

  • But, I think you should be invited, and if you get ghosted, you have to get re-invited!
  • You take a test to get in the server
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This would be nice to have but your goin’ to have to find a way to make sure no nimrods can get in.
Like @PlanesForLife there should be a test.

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With Global coming, i dont think we will need more than one-two servers, else the whole world map would be a ghosttown…

Just my opinion)

Or I didn’t get what you mean?


How about we make a poll!

  • Yes for another expert server
  • No, it’s fine how it is

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I think the advanced server is fine tbh, it just needs more atc (to regulate) and maybe increase it to grade 4 (with 1 violation allowed only)


What would the benefit of inviting someone be if they must meet the minimum requirements anyway and therefore could just join the server themselves? I couldn’t figure that out from the post.

Please leave this in #live (T3 people)


I would love to see this, Joe! :)

See, this is where I have doubt. I think doing this will make the server really lose is exclusivity quickly. it will also take away from advanced, which I see not fair to just a average pilot with no links to forums for anything.

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Very clever idea, how would ATC work?

But if you invite someone, and they do something and get ghosted, you both are booted. It would make people be very careful who they invite.

Might I ask what this will bring? This sounds exactly like a higher version of Advanced

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But then you have the issue of people where 1 person makes a one off mistake, yet they both get punished for it. Also, unless the server had any special privileges (time travel anyone?), I personally see no point in it to advanced.


Pilot quality on advanced is horrible. It’s an alternative. Like I said, just throwing around ideas.


The invitation concept is genius!

Why don’t you just ghost more and then there will be less idiots. Or make the time restricted after each ghost longer.