Restrict Gates to Specific Aircraft

Hello Community

Today i have a small little feature that would have been nice.
since the gate restrictions from 19.1 kicked in, so a plane too big can’t spawn at a too small gate.

First problem. If you are in a small aircraft like the A318 you can spawn at every gate (except GA) on the airport

The fix. to add what is the smallest plane that can spawn at each gates, so a Boeing 737-700 can’t spawn at a gate for an A380.

Second problem. There are maybe 737-700 operating from that gate in real life

The fix. Make some gates together to fit those small aircraft going international

Why we need this. So too small planes don’t occupy the big gates for huge aircraft

What is your opinion? Something I’ve missed? let me know in the comments

Any ideas for title of this topic? Let mew know

Happy landings

Yeah but I have seen A320 and 737 park at the same gate. The little yellow line thing that says the various aircraft and all.

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but still I can join with a TBM at a gate for an A380

I add something more serious like knowing where the gate is when you land at a new airport?
It happened today I left looking for where to stop.
had no idea and a simple signal on the floor of the lane or the radar of the cockpit would help to direct.


it is not the same, read its earlier, maybe a little similar, but if it were a duplicate then what he wrote was unclear to me

Looking through this thread might help a little bit. As some of the airport editors chimed in here. I’m not sure if this is the greatest idea.

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The gate aid is for after flights when you go to park at a gate. It’s not the same thing

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i do understand but my biggest concern is this

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Here is what I mean is the problem

“Spawning at a gate”

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GA in A380 spots is one thing but IRL A320s and 737s sometimes do park at 777 gates or A380 gates if no A380 or 777 is scheduled to park there anytime soon

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yeah, it is mostly to stop GA aircraft spawning at a commercial gate

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here is also the fix I did write in the start

This will take a very long time to recustomise every single airport so that buffs up the smallest aircraft.
I believe IFLLC use the biggest gate setting that can be changed through the Airport Editing team when the rework an airport to make this feature possible. There is no smallest aircraft option when selecting these gates.

Overall it would probably take a very long time, and IFLLC don’t know the specific requirements for each airport/gate


I was referencing that 19.1 prevents people from spawning at an unavailable gate to make a reference for my feature request to have sort of markings when you’re trying to park.

Sorry if I didn’t word it properly.

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of corse not, but this is mostly a problem at big airports, not small airports where you are the only one there

This really isn’t the place to talk about that. PM @Niccckk if you want to continue that discussion

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I could see this sadly not being implemented in the time being, because the gate restrictions is actually a pretty easy process. They pretty much measured the aircraft width, and then computing would decide if it would correctly fit in the gate.

For small aircraft, however, it seems it would be a more complicated process.

However again, we don’t know if the devs cannot/can do this at this exact time, and if it is one of their main priorities, as we just received gate restrictions.

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What you say is true, it would take a lot of time, but

So you’re proposing just a few airports get this feature?

As an airport editor, I know there is no smallest aircraft function when making the gates in WED.
We don’t even know if this feature is possible.