Restoring Purchases

Device: iPad Air 5th Generation
Operating system: iOS 15.5

Hi! Just purchased this new iPad and hoped to have all my previous aircraft purchases, which were purchased prior to Global release. However, no aircraft purchases have been restored even after pressing the Restore Purchases button. I have ensured that I’ve used the same Infinite Flight account. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!


Did you purchase the aircraft using the same operating system and App Store/Play Store account?

Below is the Infinite Flight guide section on restoring purchases. Check if you’re fine on those counts too.


Thanks Patrick! The one differentiator here is likely the different Apple ID, which I should still have access to. If I were to switch to that account, restore the purchases, and come sign back into the first Apple ID, would that affect my ability to download future updates and/or purchases? Hope that makes sense.


There’s your issue!

Purchases, I believe, are linked to Apple IDs. Signing into the new one when you have restored purchases on the old one won’t work, even if it’s the same device—to my knowledge.

However, it’s worth a try. Tell me what happens and we can take it from there.


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