Restoring purchases

Hey guys, I’m having a really annoying problem.
I’ve just downloaded infinite flight on my phone and restored most of my planes and regions but a couple of planes and regions I’ve previously bought will not restore and it’s annoying me as they are my favourite.
Can anyone with an idea of what to do help me please ??

Thank you for the support message! Could you please let me know which purchases are not restoring? The following are the only ones made by you:

  • A340
  • A330
  • B767
  • B757
  • B777-2
  • B777-3
  • B737-8
  • E190
  • F22
  • Denver
  • London

Thank you for any information you can provide!


Please list your two device types, OS and IF version. Ensure you’re IF versions are both from the same App Store e.g. Android does not work with Apple.

Firstly, I would suggest logging in/out of IF and restarting your device - the long way. Then, ensure you are using the same two accounts on both devices. If that fails - uninstall and reinstall the IF application to see if that has any changes to your predicament. Finally, if all else fails, contact your App Store/google play and ensure the purchases have been properly registered

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The ones that are not redownloading are the 737-8,E190 and the Denver region.
When I click to restore nothing happens ?

We are sorry to hear that! Can you please try restarting your device, relaunching Infinite Flight, sign out of your account, sign in, then attempt to restore once again.

Let me know if the issues continue and we can investigate the problem further.


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Guessing you have an iOS device, here is ny suggestion:
What you need to do is go to the live section on the main menu and sign in via Facebook or google (whichever is easier) and when it asks you to purchase a subscription, click the I already have a subscription button. When you do that, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID, and after that, when it says no subscription found, go back to the aircraft menu and restore your aircraft. :)
That’ll do the trick!

Thanks Tyler and Kevin I have now tried what Kevin has suggested and it did not work, I have deleted the app and redownloaded the app and the rest of my purchases restored normally but it’s just the 737-8 , E190 and the Denver region that will not restore.

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Would there be a reasonable explanation for them certain ones to not restore ??

Sorry to hear it’s not working still. Were those purchases made on a different platform by chance? I’ll inquire with the developers so we can resolve this for you! :)

Hello . I request help in the monthly plan of live, because the validity goes until April 18, 2017, verifying my account today is denied access asking to renew. I still have an expiration date to renew. Could you check it for me … please.

They were made on my iPad and I am now trying to restore them on my iPhone

@Anthony_Broad After you click the “Restore Purchases” on your iPhone, are you receiving any type of error message or does it show that the 3 purchases you mentioned above have not been purchased? Make sure that you have adequate storage available on the iPhone as well. As long as you are using the same exact App Store credentials, you cannot be charged again for these purchases. As Tyler listed above, we have record of the purchases. When you click on that aircraft or region, does it say “Purchase” or “Download”?

When I open the app when first downloaded the once I have purchased say Download except the 737-8- E190 and Denver region

It is them three certain ones that will not restore

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