Restoring purchases on Android

Hi, I have a question that might seem stupid … but do I have to pay all the planes again when I already bought them years ago on Apple?

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No if you log into the same Google or Facebook account

That is for live not aircraft.

Oh sorry I didn’t read android yes I think you have to pay again if you change devices.

But I changed my phone from an iPhone to a Samsung and Samsung does not use the Apple store 😂

Yeah same I changed from an iPhone 5 to an s7 earlier in the year. I used google and I kept all my purchases live and aircraft

Also I use the same account on my iPad and s7 so it should be fine

But where do I find that in the app?

if you click fly online it should give you this prompted

If you have Live + or live it can be transferred but no planes or region purchases can so unless you have Live + you need to buy everything again

Oh I have live plus

I had live…

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