Restoring Previous Purchases

Hi I used to have the SOFIA and the 737BBJ aircraft. Now I don’t have access to them anymore can it be fixed?

Thank you for contacting support!

All App Stores selling Infinite Flight and it’s associated in-app purchases allow for downloading without repurchasing after an item has been paid for. If you’re an Android user your previous purchases will automatically be unlocked when you download the app. Apple users must open the aircraft selection page, then tap “Restore Purchases” to access any previously purchased regions and aircraft. To ensure success, please check the following:

  • You have used the same App Store account and ID as the original purchase.
  • You have not been previously refunded.
  • You are not using any IAP hacking programs.

Note: If none of the above are applicable, a simple uninstall / reinstall often resolves the issue.

Please contact your respective App Store if you have any further issues. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I done that it does not work

Reinstalled today and signed in with the right account?

And I got the c-130 instead in which I did not purchased

I am a non pro subscriber

Yes does not work

When you click on the aircraft in question what does the message say? It may say that they are going to charge you again but if you’ve purchased them before you won’t be charged again.

The SOFIA747 And 737BBJ are free with 20+ purchase

Now it says pro sub required

The 747SOFIA and 737BBJ are used to be free when 20+ purchases now it says pro sub required

Okay, so below you will find that aircraft purchases and free aircraft were changed in a new model based on a Pro Subscription. See below:

In an effort to simplify our pricing model, we have now made all paid planes part of the Pro subscription. Moving forward we decided to move away from In-App Purchases for our aircraft the same way we did for scenery when we first released global. All “paid” aircraft are now only available through our Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

Note: If you have purchased aircraft in the past, don’t worry. You’re grandfathered in, and those aircraft will remain available to you whether or not you have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

There are a couple of reasons for this change:

  • It greatly simplifies our process to release new content on both Android and iOS, even allowing us to release new aircraft without requiring an app update.
  • It allows us to allocate more resources to update older aircraft; we ultimately want to bring our entire fleet to the same level of quality you are now all expecting.

We understand that subscriptions are not for everyone. However we believe it is the best option for something like Infinite Flight, which continues to evolve and improve through the years.
You can stop at anytime, and when you decide to check out the new stuff, you get access to everything for a month for only $9.99.

Best regards,

I hadn’t access to those planes because I made twenty plus purchases I had access before the 19.1 update after the 19.1 update I lost the access to the planes and got the C-130 that I never purchased

I had access to those planes because I made twenty plus purchases I had access before the 19.1 update after the 19.1 update I lost the access to the planes and got the C-130 that I never purchased and somehow I can’t get them back

Hi, I’ll reach out with a DM shortly with some instructions.


Hi Laura,

I’m experiencing the exact same issue

These aircraft were free when 20 purchases were made now its says pro subscriber I had these before 19.1 update after that I don’t and I got the c-130 instead
Boeing 747 SOFIA and 737 BBJ were free with 20 purchases


Just to keep you all posted, we’ve isolated the issue and will ship a hotfix in the coming days.

Please accept my apologies, it was something that slipped through the cracks :/



Did I understand it correctly, after my Pro has expired, I can no longer take on aircraft that I have run in front of Pro … I have invested a lot of money in individual aircraft … Thank you for an answer

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