Restoring Previous Purchase

I wanted to make a complaint about a Boeing 787-9 that I bought and now it is blocked and there is no way I fly with it in solo mode. Help me please


Hello Carlos,

Have you attempted to press the “Restore Purchases” button in the aircraft selection screen?

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Hello, why is it blocked, does it say it costs or anything and do you have a subscription?

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Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure your previous purchases before the global update no longer work. You are now required to buy a subscription which gives you access to global and all aircraft models. However aircraft such as the A10 and c172 are free.

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Yeah you’re right. I had that problem to which lost all of the planes that I purchased leading me to buying global.

Yes, after that you ask to sign a global plan

Yes so unless you already purchased the aircraft you won’t have access unless they are free or you have a live subscription. This is due to the new simplified subscription, pricing model.

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