Restoring past aircraft / regions not working

I have bought a number of aircraft and regions previously and on new app updates over the years I have been able to restore these purchases.

Having not used IF for a while I have now just tried to restore the purchases but it is asking me to buy them again.

Why is this happening and how can I get the app to re-sync? I haven’t ever been a subscriber but these were bought using my iTunes account.

Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 767-300
Embraer ERJ-170
Embraer ERJ-190

New York
Denver Colorado

Are you using the same Apple/Android ID?

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With the “Global Flight” update all regions have dissapeared and you must buy “Infinite Flight Pro” to fly all aircraft and all over the world…

IF Pro Prices

•IF Pro 1 Month 10.00$
•IF Pro 6 Months 60.00$
•IF Pro 12 Months 80.00$ (Best Value)

With IF Pro you get access to Global Flight, Live, all Current and Future aircraft.

Actually there is still region’s available for people who don’t have the pro subscription.


Are you using the same iTunes account?

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