Restored Purchases Failed

Hi, I have an issue with the restored purchase function on both iPad (Air2) and iPhone (6s) versions. I’m using the latest version of infinite flight and on iOS 10. Have tried re installing the app a few times but no success. Have also logged out and back into apple account in case of any issues with that but no luck.

Any idea how to resolve?

Have you tried purchasing the aircraft you want to restore, if I’m not mistaken it should say that you have already purchased it and asks if you want to download it again.

You may be using a different Apple ID then the one the aircraft were purchased on

Thanks for the help. Using same ID so that’s not the issue and have also tried the re buy option but that didn’t work either and cost me £4.99 for a plane I’d already bought!

Any other ideas anyone?

Do you have an IF Live account connected? I remember having accidentally tied all my purchases to that account which signed out at times so I couldn’t use the planes I bought… signing out of the Live account and then hitting restore purchases might do it.

Thanks. Don’t have one but went into live mode and set up a username and that seems to have sorted it. Looks like the link between the app and iTunes had dropped.

Thanks for your help

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