Restore via your IF account?

I am purchasing a tablet and currently am using an iphone. I am wondering if theres any way i can restore the aircrast via my IF account?

Just type in your account and all your purchases will come back.

If you click on “Restore Purchases” on your new tablet it should ask you for your information and once you sign in all of your purchases will return to your device. No need to worry:)

So restoring from my iphone to tablet shouldnt be a problem via the IF live account?

If you have a live+ account all you need to do is sign into your live. If not than all you need to do is click the ‘Restore Purchase’ button. If you are talking about IOS to non-IOS and you don’t have a live+ account, I’m sorry but I believe there isn’t a way to transfer your planes

So an ios to non ios with a live acciunt will transfer them?thanks man

Yes the account will transfer, however if you bought planes they will not.

Only a Live subscription can be used on either platform. Individual purchases cannot be transferred between competing platforms.


Thanks u can close this topic now🤗