Restore Purchases

My restore murchases won’t work. I started the game back in 2015 and I bought many planes and airports. I want my items back please help.


Can you try click Restore Purchases?

Hi Allen? What type of device are you using? This will help us determine what app store you are using.

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@Gabe_Z sorry to knit pick, but in his post he said restore murchases/purchases didn’t work

Never heard what Murchases is.

@Gabe_Z he most likely meant purchases

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Is it the same account/device you were using when you first played?

Okay, try uninstall and reinstall.

Make sure you’re on the same Apple ID as the one you bough the game and the aircraft with. If you are still having trouble, it could be a problem on Apple’s end. I think this link should help if that’s the case: .

Wow that’s messed up. Can I have my money back.

No no no no. This is not true :)

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Ok, thanks for clearing it up, I haven’t played without a subscription since the month before global came out