Restore Purchases Not Working


I’ve had Infinite Flight for a few years now. Every time there’s an app update, I have to click Restore Purchases. No problem, it’s always worked, until today.

I’m running an iPad Pro 12.9" with the most updated iOS, 10.2.1. I haven’t done anything new/different, but I’m just getting a message that restoring the purchases failed.

I’ve gone to a plane I’ve already purchased and it’s saying Purchase, not Download like I’ve seen before.

Any help is much appreciated! I love this game, but I want to fly a plane that I can’t (and I don’t want to buy them all over again…I’ve purchased almost all of them).

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Just press purchase, and it shouldn’t charge you. Hope that helps!

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I just tried, that’s not working. It pops up and asks for my fingerprint and confirm the $2.99 charge.

Have you verified that your username and password are correct?

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. That didn’t work either.

Are you sure you are using the same credentials as when you purchased the aircraft?

Press buy aircraft. Something should pop up saying you will get the item for free again. If it charges you again, contact iTunes support:)

I haven’t signed out or changed my iTunes account or even Game Center. I don’t think this game uses Game Center anyway.

did you try to purchase it again?

Yes. It comes up asking for my fingerprint and confirming that $2.99 will be charged. I don’t want to pay for the planes I’ve already paid for.

Hello and welcome to the Community,

this seems like a usual glitch but stranger. It seems like your still having trouble so I taged David for you.


David is a expert on these kind of problems, try going to him for future problems.

I have been in that situation before. Im 95% sure that you won’t be charged again. It seems like you will be charged, but after you confirm the purchase, a message will pop up telling you you will get the purchase for free again. And again if it charges you for some reason (it definitely wont) just contact iTunes support:).

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Ah, yep. That’s kind of “scary”. Like I don’t want to pay for it again and that’s what it seems like. But then it comes up and says you’ve already purchased, would you like to download for free.

Thanks everyone for the help!

Nice:) Glad to help!

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